Over 100 five star reviews on Amazon! Some examples:

"When I discovered your origin and found out that you wrote a book about your experience as a child in Germany during the war, I had no idea that your story held such tragedy and sadness. I could not help but fall in love with that little girl and had tears running at each turn of the page, hoping with all my heart that she would manage to somehow escape the hardship and be reunited with her family. I found myself unable to put the book down and wanted to know what finally happened to her. I finished the book tonight, and I must say that I'm truly touched. Growing-up in France right after the war I heard stories of the horrible things the German people did from my elders and from books, but never from a German side about the suffering and hardship they endured from that same war. Your story leaves me with such sadness but also such joy to know that that little girl became such a strong woman, who I'm sure had to work very hard throughout her life to make peace with her past. I know your parents are looking down on you and are proud of who you became. Thanks for opening my mind to the tragedy you and many German people have endured during Hitler's tyranny. War is such a terrible act and brings the worth in people, as you know!"

Dianna Fanning


"Yesterday I finished "Abandoned and Forgotten". What monumental book! I could not put it down and was absolutely riveted by it - not only by the compelling story but also by the wonderful writing. She did an extraordinary job of weaving historic detail into a deeply personal account. And, how does she have such a marvelous memory for so many long-ago details??!! I cried many times reading the book, mostly whenever something good happened in her life. Such moments were so few and unexpected and improbable, and therefore all the more poignant. The horrible parts of the story were beyond tears. And at the end, the final coup de grace: to know that friends and family members have doubted her experiences, or think that she exaggerates. It is almost unbearable to think about that. It is as if they deny her whole existence. What an immense character, intellect and heart she has! I feel like I have known her all my life - I wish I could meet her in person."

Susan Aceto


"I ordered your book after reading about it in the Arizona Daily Star. I am writing to tell you that, although I don't get too much reading in before falling asleep every night, the book became part of my life since I obtained it. I finished it last night and having withdrawal symptoms, as reading it became part of my daily life. The book is SO well written that it was a pleasure to read, although so very tragic and difficult. It has given me a whole new perspective on WWII, which I know was the reason for your writing your story all down."

Dr. Michael Clark


" You won't forget this book, but you will recommend it to all your friends. From the first page, you are drawn into the world as seen through a little girl's eyes. And what she shares with you will make you realize that determination and an indomitable spirit can take even a small child through some terrible atrocities. The human spirit is truly an amazing thing, and sometimes courage is best exemplified by the words "never say die"...."

Betty Bakewell

"Looking at the picture of the lovely young woman on the back page of your book, it is hard to believe it can be the same person who had such a tragic childhood in East Prussia during the war. No, it is not a “pretty tale,” but of all the books I’ve read about World War II, your exceptionally well-written book is the one that cuts to the heart, and once read will never be forgotten. I am thankful for your sake that you and your family are now safe here in America. I shall read your book again, and again be thankful I am an American. "

Rene Leblanc


"This is a true story of a 9 year old German girl's survival during and immediately after A Heart Wrenching View Of War's Impact On Innocent People World War II. It is very well written. The author's vivid memories, so many years later, bring the reader face to face with the horrible injustices and destruction caused by war. This book could provide the basis for a very moving film that wouldn't need gimmicks to make up for the lack of a realistic premise. The reality of her experience is completely evident and convincing as the reader is pulled along with her on her path of survival."

Ruth Dickerson, MD


"This amazing book is well written in a quick paced, exceptionally readable style. I found it difficult to put aside. It recounts the true story of a young German girl’s survival in the province of East Prussia, Germany, toward the end of WWII. Her tumultuous world involved invasions by hostile peoples, becoming orphaned and serving as an ill-clad, starving slave laborer for a family now living in the very house where she had spent her early, idyllic childhood. Also, it provides insight into how innocent German people became victims of their tyrannical government, and the great suffering of survivors of the horrors of war. I treasure this book, am sharing it with friends, and highly recommend it to any thoughtful reader. "

Dr. Kearn Schemm

President, German World Alliance/Deutsche Weltallianz

"Thank you for publishing this book The German World Alliance/Deutsche Weltallianz, the largest international organization supporting the human and civil rights of Germans. We support the rights of German victims of the Expulsion, the Stalinist deportations and German civilian internment in the west, as well as German victims of current anti-German discrimination worldwide. I was very pleased to see that another book is now available in English regarding the Expulsion. There are far too few resources in English on the topic. "

Mary Lund

Professor of English


"A wonderful memoir. I read the book each evening and was completely absorbed. The scenes became a visible landscape and every person was so vividly portrayed that I felt I knew each of them, especially Eva, her mother and father, her siblings and extended family. The narrative is very real and of the moment, and it also is enriched by a perceptive commentary, expressing a child's understanding and profound present reflections. I very much enjoyed this extraordinary story and graceful writing. "

Scott Schlaefli


"Unique, well written recount about forgotten victims of war; This book is an excellent recount of what happened to forgotten victims of WWII. To see the developing end of the war in eastern Germany through the eyes of a young girl is truly unique and enlightening. From the normal days on this little girl's German farm in the early 1940's to her basic survival under the occupation of the Russian Army and eventual takeover by the Polish people, make this book a MUST READ. Many times I was unable to put this book down as I just HAD to know that this little girl was safe again. Factual, very descriptive, and well written makes Abandoned and Forgotten an excellent read. "

Bob Vickers


"I am humbled for words to describe it! I acquired a copy of “abandoned and forgotten” a week or so ago. When I saw it, I figured it would take several weeks to read it. But when I got into it, I couldn’t put it down. It is one of the best written and most interesting books I have ever read. It so beautifully describes the scenes, events, emotions and fears, and the people that I can’t say enough in praise of it. I marvel too that the author writes so expertly in a language that isn’t even her mother tongue. I am going to order another copy and put it in the Carolina Meadows library. There are many residents here who will find the book as fascinating as I did. "

Bill Schley

Author and Freelance Writer


"Incredible Book Harrowing action, brilliant and sometimes heart-rending trauma, and hilarious incidents give Mrs. Tannehill's book a fine page turning quality, but her writing is also fast paced and of high quality given that English is the author's second language. I cannot recommend this book enough. It is a work I will treasure and loan and give to friends for the rest of my life. This book comprises a slice of history seldom told from an eye witness to atrocities no less frightening than those engendered by Hitler's Nazi regime. For those of you who are not yet aware of the history of eastern Germany at the end of WW2 this book is a must. "

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